Watch the World Cup quietly with a jammer

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Watch the World Cup quietly with a jammer
2022年12月01日 16:22
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Qatar World Cup is finally here! A grand opening ceremony, a history-making opener - even if the host loses the game, on such a night, people gathered because of football enjoy the joy and passion of "waiting once in four years" and feel the World Cup Charm. It's an exciting time for the fans and of course people take the time to watch the game together and if that's the case, if you're in front of the TV or watching the game with friends at this time, you're interrupted by your phone ringing. Too bad people were disappointed too. At this point, a signal jammers that blocks the signal might be the best option.

The four-year World Cup has started, and the game is currently in full swing. While fans are enjoying this feast, noise pollution must be a nuisance to the people. Many places have issued warm reminders on this. During the World Cup, fans should watch the football carefully and don't make noise to disturb the people. Control the volume of electronic equipment and improve sound insulation and noise reduction measures. To prevent electronic devices from interfering with yourself, you need your Cell phone signal jamming device.

The mobile phone jammer implements same-frequency electromagnetic interference on the wireless network that mobile communication relies on to survive, so that the mobile network cannot communicate normally, so as to achieve the purpose of interference. The mobile phone signal jammer only shields the mobile phone signal and will not affect other electronic devices. Use a cell phone jammer to protect a quiet environment. For example, in churches, libraries, conference rooms, cinemas and other places. Of course, watching the World Cup can also be used.

If you are disturbed while watching a football game, there is no doubt that the portable jammer can effectively prevent you from being disturbed. The portable jammer combines the interference characteristics of multiple interference signals and is very powerful for all frequency bands. The powerful jammer has a wide range of affecting frequencies, including CDMA/GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G Wimax, wireless networks. It also has a jamming range of up to 25 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. Within the range, just turn on the mobile phone jammer, any wireless connection to 2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi, the network will be disabled at the same time. Compared with other wifi Bluetooth Jammer, the lock can cover all Wi-Fi signals. Also, the jammer is an optional unit. In other words, the user can choose to allow operation of one or a few frequency bands. Setting ON or OFF of all individual frequency bands will not cause any interference to other people's operations. Jammers are extremely versatile due to their portability and ease of loading, so watching the game you deserve one.

It's not that the fans can watch the game quietly. While they enjoy happy football and feel happy, they also make noise and affect others. Therefore, relevant personnel should control the volume of electronic equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Noise Prevention Law, improve sound insulation and noise reduction measures, limit business and entertainment hours, and ensure that noise pollution does not exceed the standard. Fans should also strengthen self-discipline, watch the game rationally, revel in moderation, and try to control the decibel level of the noise produced to an acceptable level. If you are disturbed by others watching the game, you can buy GPS Tracker jammer with a wide shielding range.

This latest all-in-one 16-band portable design frequency blocks all cell phone signals 5G 4G 3G 2G, LOJACK GPS, Wi-Fi, RF signal 16 watts high output power, interference range 2-25 meters, with good cooling system, There are 3 cooling fans and a bigger heat sink inside, and the hand-held nylon cover has a DIP switch, which can turn on/off any signal band without affecting other bands. With a car charger, it can also be used to build in a larger battery for continuous use Work (more than 2.5 hours) more than 150 minutes, easy to recharge.

But there are also some fans who watch the game in the garage, hide in the corridor, and go to the rooftop in order to watch the game and not affect others. This year's fans are too difficult!